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UPDATE! This video is from the Wednesday night worship leader guitar class in Albania. The boys are learning to play Silent Night. Last week's Goodies 4 Good project raised money to purchase 5 new guitars so that all the boys learning to lead worship in their churches will have a guitar to practice with. They are planning a trip to Tirana or Macedonia where there is a music store at which they can purchase the new guitars. The boys are SO excited! Thanks so much for your cinnamon roll purchase which provided the funds for this project!
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Goodies 4 Good2 weeks ago
Cinnamon rolls freeze great! Hello Christmas morning breakfast 😋! 100% of your cinnamon roll order will support bringing clean water and the Living Water of Jesus Christ to villages in China who, in many cases, have never before heard the name of Jesus! Your purchase will also support purchasing guitars for worship leaders in Albania. Visit my page to learn more about these projects and order below by commenting!
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Learn more about the projects we're supporting and how to order below!
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UPDATE! Our last fundraiser in August raised money to complete a home for Martina and her two sons. A local church began building a home for her and ran out of funds to finish the project. Your purchase of cinnamon rolls provided $1000 to complete her home. Her home was completed on November 17th! But the best news of all is that on September 10, Martina and her two sons, Jairo and Pedro, all accepted Christ as their Savior! Thanks for making an ETERNAL difference! Don't forget to place your cinnamon roll orders for the December fundraiser to support another Kingdom project!
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NEW PROJECT!!! Baking Days - December 8-9. Comment to order or click Shop Now on our Facebook Page.

For this Christmas fundraiser, I have chosen two projects. The first is a project through Medical Ambassadors International. Their missionaries use community health education as a way to earn a hearing to share the gospel. One area in the country of Albania has been impacted with the gospel and has several small growing churches. Several believers in these churches are teaching young people to play the guitar and lead their churches in worship. However, there are few instruments and one instrument must be shared among several students. This project will supply 6 guitars, so that these students can learn to play and lead fellow believers in worshiping their Savior! The second project is through One Life, and will supply simple water filters to poor communities in China ($55/filter). In these communities, local believers are trained to distribute these water filters and train families in their use. They also share the love of Christ with their neighbors as they share clean water.

Cinnamon Roll orders can be picked up on December 8 or 9 at the Masters' home, or on December 10 at Lake Ridge Bible Church.
If you wish to make a tax-deductible donation in addition to your cinnamon roll purchase, you can donate online at
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THANK YOU!!! Because of your support and hearty cinnamon roll consumption (112 dozen or 1,344 rolls), $2,267 has been raised! Juan and his family will receive a bathroom. The house that the local church is building for Martina and her sons can now be completed. Water filters will be provided for 21 households in Myanmar. And most importantly, through these servant evangelism projects, many people will hear about Jesus! Please continue to pray for the families who will be impacted by these projects!